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    Roof damage is common, and many people experience problems after hail or heavy storms with strong winds. The idea of repairing your roof can be overwhelming. If the leak looks small, then you may be tempted to just put it off. However, this is a mistake. It is said that prevention is always better than the cure. This is very true in roofing. You may notice leak marks or moldy spots on the ceiling in addition to actual moisture. If you suspect your roof has sustained damage, do not delay. Get a FREE professional roof inspection from All Roof Australia today 1800 400 200. From minor roofing repairs to extensive roof restoration projects, All Roof Australia handles them all with timeliness, expertise and professionalism. All Roof Australia has over 12 years experience with various roofing materials. This includes tile roofing and metal roofing, which are both very popular in the Northern Rivers. All Roof Service Area: Alstonville – Ballina – Bangalow – Byron Bay – Evans Head –  Lennox Head – Lismore – Ocean Shores – Yamba and everywhere in-between.

    Metal and Colorbond Roof Repairs

    • Repairing all existing leaks
    • Cleaning & treating rust patches
    • Checking & securing flashings
    • Replacing screws
    • High-pressure water clean
    • Clean & flush out all gutters & downpipes
    • Seal roof with water-based primer/sealer
    • Application of 2 coats of your chosen colour to the entire roof. (Choose from more than 30 Nutech Paint colours)
    • Clean-up & removal of waste on completion of work

    Tile Roof Repairs

    • Replacement or repair of broken tiles & capping
    • Check & secure all flashings, valleys & roof penetrations
    • Leak repair
    • High-pressure water clean
    • Clean out all valleys, gutters & downpipes
    • Re-bed & re-point as necessary then seal all ridge capping with flexible mortar
    • Seal roof with water-based primer/sealer
    • Application of 2 coats of your chosen colour to the entire roof. (Choose from more than 30 Nutech Paint colours)
    • Clean-up & removal of waste on completion of work

    What Are the Signs My Roof Needs Repair?

    Most people are not roofing experts, which can make it hard to determine whether or not your roof is in need of repair. However, there are a few signs that are easy for the average person to spot:
    • Dampness on ceiling
    • Wet spots on eaves
    • Sagging ceiling
    • Sound of dripping
    • Flapping or tapping during wind

    These are not the only signs that warrant concern, but these are generally the easiest ones for people to notice. If you do think that any of these signs are happening in your home, then it is time to take action. Call 1800 400 200 for a FREE roof inspection today. A roofing expert will assess your roof for signs of damage, leaks or rust spots before providing you with a suggested maintenance report.

    How Long Does Roof Repair Take?

    To determine the length of your roof repairs, we will have to look at the extent of the damage. On average, most of our repair work can be completed in a day or two. We would be able to provide you an approximate timeline and detailed quote for the work after we have completed a roof inspection of the damage.

    Do You Handle Roof Debris Removal?

    During most repair jobs, damaged parts must be removed. These parts can be cumbersome and dangerous. That is why we take care of this debris for you. We remove damaged parts and haul debris away for your convenience and safety.

    What Happens If It Rains During My Roof Repair?

    The Northern Rivers can be prone to frequent rain, which is why we are very aware of incoming weather patterns when we schedule your roof repairs. We monitor all reports and projections from the Bureau of Meteorology for the safety of your roof and our team. If there is a chance of rain, we take quick and decisive action. We will cover any exposed portion of your roofing with a tarp and create a watertight seal.

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