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    Roof Replacements Ballina

    After a storm, most homeowners are anxious about the condition of their roofs. It only takes a little bit of damage to cause a big problem for your home. While the damage may be minor sometimes, there are also instances that warrant further intervention. This is when you need to consider roofing replacements.

    Does My Roof Need a Roof Replacement?

    It is impossible to tell whether or not your roof needs to be replaced without a thorough inspection. Even when the damage is quite visible and looks serious, your roof may be salvageable. The key is to look at the structure of your roofing, ensuring that it is secure and in good condition. If the basic structure is sound, then even significant roof repairs maybe a better option. However, a full roof assessment needs to be completed to determine the best way to go.

    An inspection will look at all parts of your roof, assessing the damage and overall condition. After an inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report outlining the necessary repairs, maintenance and/or replacements. A quote will also be provided regarding the costs involved.

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    How Long Will the Roof Replacement Take?

    In general, the process of replacing your roofing will take two or three days. This can vary depending on the size and slope of your roofing. The materials you choose will also impact the overall timeline. If there are other structural issues or weather delays, the project may take longer. The process always begins by removing the old structure. Only then can new materials be laid.

    What If It Rains During the Roof Replacement?

    The weather is always an unpredictable factor in the Northern Rivers, which is why the team at All Roof Australia is prepared for such eventualities. We always stay updated on weather conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology, and we try to plan projects during periods of clear weather. If an unexpected rain system does move through the area, we act quickly. We will efficiently tarp your roofing to create a waterproof seal that provides your home with the protection it needs.

    Do You Handle Roof Debris Removal?

    During most repair jobs, damaged parts must be removed. These parts can be cumbersome and dangerous. That is why we take care of this debris for you. We remove damaged parts and haul debris away for your convenience and safety.

    What Happens If It Rains During My Roof REPLACEMENT?

    The Northern Rivers can be prone to frequent rain, which is why we are very aware of incoming weather patterns when we schedule your roof restoration. We monitor all reports and projections from the Bureau of Meteorology for the safety of your roof and our team. If there is a chance of rain, we take quick and decisive action. We will cover any exposed portion of your roofing with a tarp and create a watertight seal.

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